May, 2003


K-20 Committee


����������� Diane Fladmo (Chair), Lynn Hamilton (Vice Chair), Patty Myers, Mark Semmens, Lila Taylor, and Derek Duncan


Indian Education for All Committee


����������� Joyce Silverthorne (Chair), Lynn Hamilton (Vice Chair), Randy Morris, and Richard Roehm


Budget Committee


����������� Ed Jasmin (Chair), Storrs Bishop (Vice Chair), Kirk Miller, Mark Semmens, John Mercer, and Christian Hur


Policy and Evaluation Committee


����������� Richard Roehm (Chair), Joyce Silverthorne (Vice Chair), John Fuller, Ed Jasmin



Montana Family Education Oversight Committee

����������� Ed Jasmin



����������� Ed Jasmin, Mark Semmens


Joint Committee on Post Secondary Education

����������� Mark Semmens, Ed Jasmin


Two-Year Education Committee

����������� Richard Roehm


Board Committees:

Tuition Policy-Lynn Hamilton, Christian Hur

Budget -� Mark Semmens, Chair, John Mercer, Lila Taylor

Presidential Evaluation and Compensation- Ed Jasmin, Mark Semmens

Nursing - Richard Roehm, Lynn Hamilton

Point of Contact -Fiscal Affairs-Ed Jasmin

Point of Contact--Academic Affairs-Lynn Hamilton