Montana Board of Regents

Fall Retreat � October 26, 2004


Location:� Montana Board of Investments

2401 Colonial Avenue

Third Floor Conference Room

8:30-9:00 ��������� Continental Breakfast


Session 1:


9:00-10:30�������� The Issues - Presentations and Implementation Ideas

����������������������� (see attached materials for background)


����������������������������������� Sheila Stearns, Roger Barber, Rod Sundsted,

����������������������������������� Geoff Gamble, George Dennison


����������������������� Questions and discussion by members of the Board.


10:30 -10:45� ��� Break


Session 2:


10:45 to Noon��� Small group discussions about the priorities identified in Session 1, or others that individuals participating want to be sure are considered either for immediate or future action.� Outcome of group discussions:� reports in Session 3, with outlines of action steps.


Catered lunch on site.


Session 3:


12:30- 2:00


Reports from group discussions on recommended priorities, plans and possible approaches for carrying them out.


2:00 � 2:15� ����� Break


Session 4:


2:30 � 4:00������� Board Discussion:� Identify top priorities for planning and action steps.� Provide direction for implementation.