Committee Descriptions

K-20 Committee

This committee provides guidance and oversight in the establishment of seamless education for Montana students. In an effort to ease the transition between educational levels, the committee will focus attention on the structure of the Montana University System and K-12 schools encouraging cooperation between the systems. The committee will promote K-20 initiatives that attempt to build smooth transition and to encourage collaboration between K-12 and post-secondary education. This emphasis should serve to strengthen the system of public education in order to maximize the full educational potential of each person in Montana.

Budget Committee

This committee will establish a unified budget request stating the real needs of public education in Montana. The committee shall review all budget requests for K-12 education and the Montana University System, as well as budget requests for the Board of Public Education, Montana School for the Deaf and Blind, Montana Historical Society, Montana Library Commission, and Montana Arts Council. The committee, recognizing the importance of collaboration among all public education entities and boards, will provide recommendations to the Board of Education considering its commitment to work with the Governor in providing advice or recommendations regarding amounts and priorities for education to be included in the Executive Budget.

Indian Education for All Committee

This committee will meet with the Indian Education Association, MACIE, the education community, and tribal college representatives to explore and determine the possibilities for the presentation of curriculum and materials and educational processes that will focus upon the relationships between American Indians and the State of Montana and this nation. The committee will make recommendations to the Board of Education for processes to be carried on in our public schools (K-12 and higher education) recognizing the distinct and unique cultural heritage of the American Indian for all Montana s students (as outlined in MCA 20-1-501ff American Indian Studies).

Policy and Evaluation Committee

This committee will establish the policies, operating procedures, and bylaws of the Board of Education consistent with the Montana Constitution Article X and statutory language. The committee is also responsible for evaluating process and procedure used in conducting the business of the Board, continually seeking efficient and effective means of operation.