Regents� Briefing on Transfer Issues in the

Montana University System



I.��������� Background and Findings on transfer in the MUS


����������� A.�������� Transfer Audit Findings � Deputy Joyce Scott


����������� B.�������� Surveys of Transfer Students in the MUS � Provost Lois Muir, UM-M


����������� C.�������� Transfer Policy Audit � Transfer Advisor Brenda Hanson, FVCC


II.��������� Current Transfer Services


A.�������� The Transfer Process � Provost Lois Muir, UM-M

1.��� Course Equivalency Guides & Updating, 1993-94 Course Transfer Guide � Director of Admissions and Records Karen Everett, MSU-Billings and Registrar Ed Johnson, Montana Tech, Joyce Scott

2.��� Faculty Role in Evaluating Transfer Credit � Lois Muir and Vice Provost Joe Fedock, MSU-Bozeman

3.��� Accreditation & Transfer �Joe Fedock, MSU-Bozeman

4.��� Posting Credit to Transcripts � Ed Johnson


B.�������� MSU On-line Course Match Demonstration �Karen Everett, MSU-Billings


III.�������� Transfer Steering Committee Report


A.�������� 100/200-Level Steering Committee � Professor John Amend, MSU-Bozeman


B.������� Case Study of Curriculum � Chemistry � John Amend


C.������� Transfer Information System � John Amend, Database Administrator Kevin Turner

1.��� Description

2.��� Staffing, Technical and Fiscal Requirements � Kevin Turner


D.�������� Other Steering Committee Actions

1. �� Policy Revisions � 301.5. 301.10, 301.14

2.��� General Education Core Update

3.��� Transfer Student Feedback Report � Brenda Hanson, Karen Everett

4.��� Policy Audit to MACRAO for Policy Alignment


IV.������� Closing Remarks