TO: Board of Regents


FROM: Jane A. Karas, President

Flathead Valley Community College


DATE: September 24, 2001


RE: September Campus Report


Flathead Valley Community College will be hosting a spring Honors Symposium for students and community members. The topic of this year s symposium will be centered on the events of September 11 and will address topics including an ethic for enemies . A College committee will be developing the program.


Fall enrollment at Flathead Valley Community College is 1143.07 FTE. Enrollment at the Kalispell campus is 1047.8 FTE and at the Libby Campus enrollment is 95.27 FTE. This is an increase of 90.67 FTE over fall semester 2000.


The Board of Trustees, based on a recommendation from the review committee, voted to authorize College administration to begin contract negotiations with Architects Northwest to develop a proposal to locate and design a new building. The review committee reviewed responses to the College s request for proposals and held public interviews with four firms.


Flathead Valley Community College Upward Bound students won the Summer 2001 Upward Bound Olympics. Upward Bound is a college preparation and leadership program that assists qualified high school students gain the skills needed to enter and complete a four-year college degree.


On August 14, Flathead Valley Community College completed the purchase of 48.908 acres adjacent to the College s 77acre campus. The purchase included a generous gift, by the Gallis family, of timber and a significant charitable gift of real property to the College at less than fair market value.


Flathead Valley Community College offered late registration for firefighters. Firefighters were able to register, without penalty, through September 19.


The Lincoln County Campus has begun renovations on the new building. Lincoln County Commissioners received and reviewed bids for construction. Completion is expected by January 31, 2002.