DATE:� ��������� November 8, 2000


TO:���������������� Board of Regents


FROM:���������� Rick Gray, Interim Dean/CEO

����������������������� Helena College of Technology


RE:���������������� Campus Report for the November 16-17, 2000 Board of Regents� Meeting



�                    711 FTE are registered for Fall 2000, which is an increase of 4.2% over last fall�s enrollment.


�                    Ted Plaggemeyer was appointed to the Interim Associate Dean position for a two-year contract.� Ted is a veteran faculty member from the Computer Technology Program and has served as the Business Department Chair and Community Education Director for HCT.


�                    CHE auditors are reviewing the Perkins Grant objectives and financial reports from last year.� Preliminary reports are positive.


�                    Three legislative candidates visited the Helena campus in October.� Although they generally supported the College, they appreciated the opportunity to learn more about HCT students and programs.


�                    The Fire and Rescue Program supported the firefighting efforts in Montana with most of its students on the fire line along with the instructor, who became a Safety Officer for the Type I fire management teams.� The HCT fire truck also saw lots of action.� Many of the students took advantage of the Commissioner�s response to the state emergency of allowing students late enrollment without punishment.


�                    The Associate of Applied Science Degree for Correctional Officers was implemented in September in Deer Lodge for Montana State Prison employees.� The Department of Corrections has made this program a major initiative for the agency.