DATE: November 12, 2001

TO:  Board of Regents

FROM:  W. Franklin Gilmore, Chancellor, Montana Tech of The University of Montana

RE:  Campus Report for the November 15-16, 2001 Board of Regents' Meeting

  • Dan Rovig, alumnus and Gold Medallion recipient, will be inducted into the American Mining Hall of Fame which honors significant contributions to the mining industry and profession.
  •  Dr. Larry Smith, MBMG, published an article entitled Columbia Mountain landslide: late-glacial emplacement and indications of future failure, Northwestern Montana, USA, in the December issue of Geomorphology.
  • Chemistry & Biology Clubs hosted their 3rd annual open house on November 3.  This Science Extravaganza drew over 400 people from SW Montana for a full day of Chemistry Magic Shows, Demonstrations, Hands-on workshops, Biology Experiential exhibits and guest speakers.
  • On September 26, Montana Tech in sponsorship with AISES, Renewable Technologies, and KXLP sponsored a Lecture on "Traditional Indian Philosophy and Values" in celebration of Native American Heritage Day.
  • The Safety, Health, & Industrial Hygiene Department received a $14,857 research grant from the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. The research involves chemical speciation of copper slag. 
  • College and Career Day was held in the HPER complex on September 26.  This event was sponsored by the college in conjunction with MPSEOC for Southwest Montana high school students and the local public.  Seventy colleges and 30 career representatives participated.
  • Dr. Chris Gammons, Geological Engineering, and students are completing a year-long study of diurnal and seasonal variation in water quality along the Big Hole River.  Funding came from the Big Hole River Foundation, BLM and EPA-Montana DEQ.
  • Dr. Chris Gammons and M.S. student Angela Frandsen published a paper entitled "Chemical interactions between aqueous sulfide and metals in an anaerobic treatment wetland" in the electronic journal Geochemical Transactions, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Dr. Gammons and adjunct instructor Colleen Elliott were awarded a $10,000 grant for US-AID to conduct a water quality investigation of the Rio Ramis watershed, Peru. This project is a direct spin-off of the Dept. of State grant awarded to Montana Tech for faculty exchanges. A number of Tech faculty are involved.
  • Dr. John Amtmann will present the results of his research on the MSP Wellness Program, a collaborative program run by the SH/IH Dept. and the Department of Corrections, to the Convention of Correctional Health Care Professionals this month.
  • Ruthanne Shope (Technical Outreach) received the Rising Star Award at the annual ASPIRE Conference in Colorado Springs on October 21. Ruthanne was also elected ASPIRE secretary and Amy Verlanic was elected ASPIRE president elect for the state of Montana.
  • The Nursing program announced the National Council Licensing Exam results for the first graduates of the AAS-PN were 92% and 100% for ASRN.
  • Chemistry majors Jason Wilham and Michael Wagner received Bonner Fellowships through The University of Montana to help create the Montana Mind Expansion Science Center in Butte, Montana.
  • Dr. Rick Douglass recently received a $160,000 continuation grant from CDC for Longitudinal Hantavirus studies in Montana. He is participating with researchers at CDC, Univ. of New Mexico, Colorado State University, Yavapai College in Arizona and the University of Texas Medical School. Tech is also participating in the NIH BRIN Grant.
  • Dr. John Morrison, General Engineering, received an $8,500 grant from the Idaho National Engineer-ing and Environmental Laboratories to develop a "High Accuracy Differential Measurement System."


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