2 May 03: Intercollegiate Athletics submits a balanced budget for FY 04.


30 June 03: Final payment made to complete FY 01-03 Deficit Reduction Plan.


2 Oct 03: Director Wayne Hogan requests assistance to analyze the financial situation of Intercollegiate Athletics. Rosi Keller and Michelle Jensen are assigned to work with Athletics.


Oct 03- Jan 04: Keller and Jensen, working primarily with Chuck Maes, determine that the budget does not reflect actual practices and seek to estimate an end of year projection. The projection fluctuates between $100,000 and $700,000. Working with the accounting firm doing the annual NCAA Athletics audit and the GSA audit, they discover several questionable accounting entries. Numerous meetings occur during this period to gain a better understanding of the fiscal situation in Athletics.


5 Dec 03: The Director of Accounting and Budgeting for the OCHE submits an FY 03 MUS Athletic Report showing a balanced budget for UM. The report indicates the dedication of $324,000 of institutional funds to balance the Athletics budget at the close of FY 03, as pledged.


22 Dec 03: Meeting of Keller, Jensen, and Bob Duringer, with the firm doing the NCAA and GSA audits, confirms erroneous accounting entries not previously discovered because full understanding required involvement by GSA, UM Foundation, and Athletics.


27 Jan 04: Additional meeting provides further clarity about the nature of the errors.


12 Feb 04: Final meeting with GSA/NCAA auditors (with Internal Auditor Kathy Burgmeier) resolves the means to correct the erroneous entries.


16 Feb 04: Meeting of Hogan, Keller, Duringer, Bill Muse, and George Dennison to review the situation.


17 Feb 04: Duringer receives a revised and realistic FY 05 budget from Athletics.


26/27 Feb 04: Dennison meets with Commissioner Stearns and Chairman Mercer separately to brief them on the situation.


28/29 Feb 04: Missoulian runs the story.