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Attached, please find my submissions for the November BOR meeting. There are three items and each one deals with BOR policy 940.24. Over a year of student planning and involvement of many dozens of student leaders have gone into consideration of this issue.


The primary authors and proponents of these three items are Tom Figeralle, State-wide Chairman of the Montana College Republicans Federation and David Ponder, Executive Director of the Montana Public Interest Research Group. Each speaks for and represents their group.


The attachments are described as follows:


"System Wide Fee" was submitted by MontPirg. It expands MontPirg's current ability to collect voluntary fees. It also allows other student groups (that meet certain criteria set forth in the proposal) to have MUS administration on each campus automatically apply the groups' fees to the tuition/fee bill of each student that so desires (in a manner currently enjoyed only by MontPirg at UM).


"UM Fee" was submitted by MontPirg. It limits the effect of the above 940.24 proposal to the UM campus only.


"draft 2" was submitted by the Montana College Republicans. It amends BOR policy 940.24 by requiring all non-profit student groups to go through UM's associated student government to obtain funding. MontPirg's current ability to have UM administration charge their fees to student tuition/fee bills would be eliminated. MontPirg's funding would be that of other UM campus student groups.


While only one, or possibly none, of these three items will be approved by the regents at the meeting; I request that each item be presented as an ACTION item.


I have submitted all of the proposals in fairness to the differing positions of each group's political/social viewpoint. The Student Regent's Office should strive to represent all students.


Since reporters and press may be interested in these items, I would suggest that they may contact me. I also recommend that they contact the authors of these items as well. I don't have the number that Tom can be reached at on me, but his email is: David can be reached at (406) 243-2908.


Submitted by Student Regent Hur