May 5, 2003

TO: Montana Board of Regents

FROM: Joyce A. Scott, Deputy Commissioner for Academic & Student Affairs

RE: Estimated Implementation Cost for Web-Based Transfer System

To follow-up on our meeting of March 3 and to determine the feasibility of the transfer model proposed by the Transfer Steering Committee, I asked Kevin Turner, Database Administrator, to investigate what it would cost to implement the model. Below, he has provided an estimate but indicates that he has not been able to gather input from the campus Chief Information Officers, which he will continue to pursue.

Annual operating expenses after the start-up year amount to about $121,900.

Since we began the Transfer Project, the University of Montana-Missoula has brought up the Banner feature that allows students to learn how their courses transfer from other institutions. This may alleviate some student concerns because they will be able to see how courses have been accepted from their transfer institutions in the past. The extent to which this service will satisfy student information needs remains to be seen. It has been in use on the Montana State University campuses for some time.



Server $ 35,000

Desktop Machines 3 X $2,500 $ 7,500

Office expenses (phone, supplies, etc.) * $ 1,500

Office Space (200 square feet @ $6 square foot) * $ 2,400

$ 46,400

Personnel (+Benefits for DBA)

System Programmer 1 yr contract $ 80,000

Web Programmer 1 yr contract $ 80,000

Data Base Ad/Coordinator* $ 55,000

Programming Upgrade Costs (30 Hours @ $100.00/Hr.) * $ 3,000


Software Licenses

Unix, Oracle Web Server, Oracle Database * $ 60,000

Total $324,400


*Annual Expense


pc: Transfer Steering Committee

Commissioner Krause