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RE: ���������������FY 1999-2000 Enrollments � Major Revision


Attached are summaries of the 1999-2000 FYFTE Enrollment numbers.� Because I did not subtract out the Missoula COT totals from the University of Montana�Missoula totals, the Resident-Undergraduate numbers were grossly over-stated.� In effect, these FTEs were double counted.� These revised tables still contain preliminary numbers, but I have checked with each campus to make sure these draft numbers are now reliable estimations.���

The Legislature funded the MUS for 24,623 FTE for FY00 (this number can be found at the top of page three in the �Funding Model/proj� column as the total of MUS resident undergraduate and graduate FTE).�

Our preliminary enrollment count is 24,598.52, which is 24.48 below the funding level established by the Legislature.

The Legislature funded the Community Colleges for 2180 FTE for FY00.� Our preliminary enrollment count is 1983.33, which is 196.67 below the funding level established by the Legislature.

Although the non-resident FTEs are not funded by the State, there has been a decline in the MUS total of non-resident undergraduate students by over 550 FTEs, which has an additional revenue impact on the MUS.� An increase of 99 in the MUS non-resident graduate FTE levels only partially compensates for the undergraduate non-resident decline.�

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