TO: Board of Regents, Commissioner Dick Crofts, Deputy Commissioner Joyce Scott

FROM: Bob Vogel

RE: FY 1999-2000 Enrollments Major Revision

Attached are summaries of the 1999-2000 FYFTE Enrollment numbers. Because I did not subtract out the Missoula COT totals from the University of Montana-Missoula totals, the Resident Undergraduate numbers were grossly over-stated. In effect, these FTEs were double counted. These revised tables still contain preliminary numbers, but I have checked with each campus to make sure these draft numbers are now reliable estimations.

The Legislature funded the MUS for 24,623 FTE for FY00 (this number can be found at the top of page three in the Funding Model/proj column as the total of MUS resident undergraduate and graduate FTE).

Our preliminary enrollment count is 24,598.52, which is 24.48 below the funding level established by the Legislature.

The Legislature funded the Community Colleges for 2180 FTE for FY00. Our preliminary enrollment count is 1983.33, which is 196.67 below the funding level established by the Legislature.

Although the non-resident FTEs are not funded by the State, there has been a decline in the MUS total of non-resident undergraduate students by over 550 FTEs, which has an additional revenue impact on the MUS. An increase of 99 in the MUS non-resident graduate FTE levels only partially compensates for the undergraduate non-resident decline.

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