Board of Regents
Special Meeting
December 13, 2002 


  1. The Commissioner has announced his retirement and will depart by the end of February 2003.
  2. The Montana Constitution mandates there be a commissioner of higher education and that the Board of Regents will prescribe his term and duties.
  3. The Board has a contract with Dr. Crofts which expires on June 30, 2003, with further employment guaranteed through June 30, 2004.
  4. The Board has reviewed and approved the Commissioner's duties and responsibilities 9 months ago by affirming the attached resolution and his job description. One member wishes to again open this issue at this meeting.
  5. Our Policy 204.2 does not proscribe a process to select an interim commissioner; it only directs that the board set the process.
  6. The board is assembled here at the call of the Chair in special meeting for the announced purpose to have the board discuss and authorize a process for selection of an interim commissioner who will perform the role and duties of the commissioner.
  7. Compounding the selection may be the fact that the Montana Legislature will begin their ninety-day assembly deliberations on January 6, 2003.