The Administration of Montana State University-Billings and the Associated Students of Montana State University-Billings hereby agree to and accept the following guidelines for the introduction, review, and implementation of any new fees, proposed increases in existing fees, and other decisions as may cause an increase or decrease in the University �s fee structure. Covered under this University policy are:

1. Course Fees (Classroom, Laboratory, and other course specific fees.)

2. Mandatory Fees (Admission Fee, Building Fee, Athletics Fee, etc.)

3. User Fees (Distance Learning Fee, Parking Fee, etc.)

4. Special Fees (SCT Banner 2000).

The intent of this University policy is to ensure that the Associated Students of Montana State University-Billings and all of the students of the University are included in, have a voice in, and are represented in the development, review, and implementation stages and the decision making process followed by the University to develop and implement fees. This University policy covers all fee proposals and all types of fees.

To ensure maximum student involvement in the fee and review and development process, the following steps will be followed (exceptions may be permitted by mutual agreement):

1. Prior to the submission of new fees proposals, the University Administration will, 1-2 months prior to the Board of Regents submission date, present any and all fee proposals to the Senate of the Associated Students of MSU-Billings for review, consideration, and response (recommendations for approval, disapproval, or modification).

2. Accompanying the fee proposal(s) will be a description of the proposed new or existing fee(s); a statement of the justification for the new fee, fee increase, or fee reduction; and a copy of the proposed budget for disbursement of the fee(s) once collected and or the impact in cases of fee reduction or elimination.

The fee justification should present clearly and concisely how the fee(s) collected will be used, what is to be covered, and, in the case of an existing fee, how the fees collected have been and are currently being used. In the case of a fee increase, specifically describe how the new revenue is to be used.

3. Where appropriate, the fee proposal(s) will be accompanied by a chart comparing the same or similar fee levels as collected amongst the other units of the Montana University System.

4. The Associated Students of MSU-Billings, through their Student Senate, will, at its discretion, decide how to gather student input on the proposed fee changes(s) (�); these methods might include:

� Campus Surveys

� Retort and Campus Newsletters

� E-mail

� Student Forums

� The formation of a special committee consisting of students, administrators, and faculty charged to do an extensive review of the fee proposal and report their findings to the ASMSU-Billings Senate.

5. Where and when appropriate the administration, faculty, and others involved in the individual fee proposals may be invited to appear or may request to appear before the Student Senate to make a presentation, ask and answer questions, express viewpoints, etc.

6. Where and when appropriate or upon request by the Administration, the ASMSU-Billings Student Senate will, in accordance with its bylaws, take formal action in the fee proposal(s) and will provide the Administration with a recommendation(s) for or against the fee proposal(s). The vote (�) will be recorded and communicated. Modifications to the fee proposal may also be presented formally via these votes.

It is understood by all parties it is the intention of the administration that, whenever possible, any fee proposal presented for approval and action by the Board of Regents will have undergone the process of review outlined above prior to the presentation of the fee(s) to the Board of Regents.

The parties to this agreement, the Administration of Montana State University-Billings and the Associated Students of Montana State University-Billings, understand the Administration may, at its own election, decide to advance to the Board of Regents a fee proposal(s) that was not approved and/or supported by the Associated Students of MSU-Billings, the Student Senate and/or the student body of MSU-Billings.

The Administration will, in adhering to this University policy, also maintain full compliance with Board of Regents policy regarding the development, review, and implementation of fee proposals and the usage of fee(s) collected therefrom. The coordination and oversight of this agreement is the responsibility of the Office of the Administrative Vice Chancellor. The Administrative Vice Chancellor will also establish the timelines for the submission of all fee proposals and will ensure that the various procedures and forms currently utilized in the fee proposal review process are updated to ensure compliance with the agreement.