March 23-24, 2000


ITEM 106-2702-R0300�� Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor of Art Emeritus upon Marcia Selsor; Montana State University-Billings


WHEREAS, Professor Marcia Selsor has completed a distinguished teaching career of 25 years, including all years at Montana State University-Billings, formerly Eastern Montana College;


WHEREAS, Professor Selsor has served her profession of art and, in particular, ceramics in a variety of leadership roles at the international, national, state and local levels as Fulbright Scholar in Uzbekistan and Spain (1985 & 1994), as a Reviewer for the Fulbright Association, as Director-at-Large (1989-1990) for the National Council on Education of Ceramics Arts, as Board Member (1993) for the American-Russian Cultural Exchange Foundation, as a speaker (1991-93) in Uzbekistan, Russia, Latvia, and Spain, as a ceramics instructor for workshops in Spain, Canada, and in many states (1993-2000), as a ceramic artist in various collections and exhibitions at international and national venues, as an author in leading journals, art catalogs and edited books, and as a participant, speaker and consultant on many other task forces and committees;


WHEREAS, she served the University and her colleagues as Chair of Academic Senate (1997-1998), as a member of Academic Senate (1989-2000), as a member of the Teacher Education Committee (1991-1994), as a Foundation Phonathon Volunteer, as a member of the Campus Affirmative Action Advisory Committee (1987-1990), as a presenter of papers, panel moderator, and panel member in Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, and numerous states (1980-2000), as a successful grant writer (1975-2000), and a member of other numerous university committees and task forces;


WHEREAS, she served the College of Arts and Sciences as a member of the Liberal Arts Academic Policies Committee (1976-1981), as a recipient of many Faculty Merit Awards and other honors throughout the years, and as a member of numerous other college committees and task forces throughout these years;


WHEREAS, she served The Department of Art as Chair (1987-1992), as Advisor to Potters= Guild (1975-2000), as a member of the Art Scholarship Committee (1975-1987), as a member of search committees, Department Rank and Tenure Committees, and other ad hoc task forces, as a coordinator for visiting international and national scholars, as a developer of many new courses and workshops, as a curator of art exhibits, and many other activities within the department;


WHEREAS, she served the community as a volunteer at HUB (1993-2000), as a Board Member of the Miller Foundation and the Mental Health Center Foundation (1998-2001), as a judge for Huntley-Project Class C Drama Competitions, as a reviewer for Montana Arts Council grants, and as a consultant, teacher, juror and judge of art exhibits, speaker and writer for many area public and private groups;


AND WHEREAS, Montana State University-Billings wishes to honor Professor Selsor for her outstanding service to education as teacher, as colleague, as advisor, as mentor, as friend and as supporter of the arts;


THEREFORE, the Board of Regents of Higher Education, on recommendation of the Chancellor of Montana State University-Billings, confers upon Ms. Selsor the title of Professor of Art Emeritus, with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities pertaining thereto.