ITEM 109-1001-R1100       Grant of Easement to Missoula Electric Cooperative to Relocate Feeder Line on the Bandy Experimental Ranch; The University of Montana-Missoula


THAT:����������� �����������             Pursuant to Montana University System Policy 1003.3, the Board of Regents of the Montana University System authorizes The University of Montana to grant an easement (see attachments) to Missoula Electric Cooperative for the purpose of relocating a feeder power line to their Woodworth Substation.� Missoula Electric Cooperative will assume responsibility for the installation, operation and maintenance of the new service line.� The School of Forestry and The University of Montana Legal Counsel have reviewed the terms of this easement and found them acceptable.


EXPLANATION:�����������      The relocation of Missoula Electric Cooperative�s feeder line to the Bandy Experimental Ranch will benefit the ranch by removing the existing lines from their irrigated pasture that adjoins Shanley Creek.� Presently, they have to break their power roll irrigation line to pass through the power poles, a time-consuming and often frustrating exercise.� Shortly after the ranch was acquired in 1990, the possibility of moving the overhead lines was discussed with the Co-op and they said it would cost the University approximately $30,000.� However, they said they were planning to replace and relocate the line within ten years and that would be at their expense.� In addition, after the relocation, the main line will no longer go right through the ranch headquarters and the adjacent small hayfield and pastures, which will make the ranch operation activities easier.� The relocation will substantially benefit the ranch and is more than adequate compensation for the right of way granted.


ATTACHMENTS:�����������     Easement for right of way and map.