November 16-17, 2000


ITEM 109-102-R1100������� Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual: Personnel� Section 708.1.1:� Department of Administration Personnel Policies Adopted,

���������������������������������������������� Montana University System� (Revised)


EXPLANATION:���������������� The recent fires underscored the need for a policy which sets forth the conditions under which employees should be granted annual leave or other paid time off when affected by a personal disaster or emergency, or when they wish to provide volunteer services.� The university system has adopted most of the other leave policies used by executive branch agencies.


ATTACHMENTS:�������������� a.�������� Board of Regents Policy 708.1.1, page 1.

b.�������� Department of Administration Disaster and Emergency Leave Policy 3-0320.

ATTACHMENT a.                                                                                                        November 16-17, 2000


ITEM 109-102-R1100��������������������� Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual:� Personnel Section 708.1.1:� Department of Administration; Personnel Policies Adopted, Montana University System� (Revised)



(at page 1)

Board policy:

The Department of Administration Personnel Policies and Procedures which are specified below shall be implemented or implemented as modified for covered Montana University System employees, except where in conflict with a negotiated labor agreement and except where there are references to bi-weekly pay periods and the Payroll/Personnel Position Control System. Modifications to adopted Department of Administration Personnel Policies and Procedures may be authorized in writing by the Commissioner of Higher Education. Nothing in this policy is intended to divest the Board of Regents of any of its authority under the Constitution of the State of Montana.

Policy Title






Annual Leave


Nonstudent, nonfaculty employees




Disaster and Emergency Leave


Nonstudent employees




Holidays (as modified by Policy 801.5)


Nonstudent, nonfaculty employees 
hired to work more than three consecutive months




Jury Duty and Witness Leave


Nonstudent employees




Leave of Absence Without Pay


Nonstudent employees not covered by Policy 801.3




Military Leave


Nonstudent employees who have been 
continuously employed at least six calendar months




Overtime and Nonexempt Compensatory Time


All employees subject to the overtime provision of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act