TO: Board of Regents

FROM: LeRoy H. Schramm, Chief Legal Counsel

RE: Amendments to Policy 203.2.2 and 201.7 Regarding Meeting Notice

DATE: November 16-17, 2000


The amendments to 203.2.2 do two things. First, in the Procedure section the 14 day notice for Board meetings is changed to 7 days to make it consistent with the 7 day notice provision in the Board Policy section just above. The campuses must then distribute this notice in a timely fashion, with the reference to a specific number of days deleted. Second, the requirement that all notices be given by "mail" is deleted. As electronic communication becomes more common and sophisticated it is likely that many of these notices will be distributed by means other than the mail, as that term is traditionally used.

It should be noted that 203.2.2 only requires the timely and widespread distribution of the meeting agenda. In the interest of practicality and efficiency the policy does not apply to the agenda items themselves or to supporting or explanatory documents. The policy states that persons may request copies of such items from the OCHE. These amendments will not change present practice with regard to notice or provision of materials. Rather, the amendments bring the policy into conformity with present practice.

The amendment to the Board Bylaws (Policy 201.7) deletes the requirement that meeting notices be by "mail" to keep it consistent with the change proposed for 203.2.2.