November 16-17, 2000


ITEM 109-1504-R1100������ Approval to Sign an Agreement with Butte-Silver Bow County Concerning Improvements, Maintenance, and Use of Alumni Coliseum on the Montana Tech Campus; Montana Tech of The University of Montana


THAT:����������������������������������� The Board of Regents authorizes Montana Tech of The University of Montana to enter into a long-term agreement enabling Butte-Silver Bow County (BSB) community use of the Alumni Coliseum for American Legion Baseball recreational use.� BSB performs certain maintenance work at the playing field as a part of this arrangement.� Approval of this Agreement between Montana Tech and BSB will also enable the County and Montana Tech to spend money from a $200,000 trust account under the authority of BSB for various improvements to Alumni Coliseum.


EXPLANATION:����������������� Essentially, the Agreement confirms the long-standing relationship between Montana Tech and Butte-Silver Bow with respect to the shared use of the Alumni Coliseum for mutually beneficial community purposes.� This Agreement also establishes policies and procedures to be used by both parties to select, approve, and construct improvement projects from the $200,000 trust account created in 1999 as part of the resolution of issues associated with the Clark Tailings Superfund project.


����������������������������������������������� The Agreement was reviewed by Chief Legal Counsel for the Montana University System, Legal Counsel for The University of Montana, and by BSB attorneys.� The Council of Commissioners for Butte-Silver Bow Government has already approved the Agreement and authorized Chief Executive Officer, Jack Lynch, to sign the Agreement.� It is now being submitted for approval by the Regents in accord with Regents' policies governing long-term leases and agreements and authorization to spend funds for campus improvements.


ATTACHMENTS:��������������� Agreement and associated correspondence.