Alumnae Survey
Bachelor's of Science Degree in Elementary Education Interest Survey
October 23, 2000

Part I. About Degree

A. Would you have attended a public institution in Great Falls to earn a bachelor's degree in elementary education?

No:  3   Yes:  18

If yes, list the reason(s) you would like to have a public institution (for example, Montana State University Northern) offer a bachelor's degree in elementary education in Great Falls?

  • Cost of private education is not cost effective when you consider entry level salaries for teachers. Excessive student loans make it unattractive for our best young students to choose a career in education or to remain in the state after graduation.
  • The cost at the private university is financially impossible for many students in Great Falls.
  • Closer to home.
  • Option for public education rather than a private university.
  • It would be less expensive, yet offer quality programs.
  • At that time I was living in Billings, so would have chosen Eastern over Havre. Instead I attended UM at Missoula as I had a scholarship.
  • Proximity.
  • Less costly.
  • Even though I have a master's in elementary education there are no opportunities for others to complete their elementary education degree in Great falls unless they attend UGF, which is costly. It is important to offer the opportunity to others in the field of education.
  • Many people working or with families would love to have opportunity to attend school right here in Great Falls. Great Falls would also attract students from surrounding areas to an affordable college.
  • If I'd lived in Great Falls at the time. I lived on the Hi-line so I commuted daily.
  • If I had lived where I do now, I would have appreciated being able to get a degree in education in Great Falls.
  • Closer
  • Cheaper
  • Had I had the option years ago I would have completed work on a bachelor's degree and changed my life.
  • Cost effective for students/available housing.
  • Job opportunities while attending college.
  •  Urban setting/ central location/ travel accommodations.
  • Excellent public schools and experienced educators provide a pool of "lab experiences".
  •  There are many who have families in the Great Falls area and are unable to travel to other towns for their education.
  • A person living and teaching in Great Falls could live at home. They wouldn't have to leave their family. Gasoline added to the price of each credit. Materials needed for classes would be close at hand.
  • Easy, access, time.
  • Great Falls is centrally located in Montana. The University of Great Falls is extremely higher for tuition compared to other colleges and universities in Montana.
  • We are the only large city in Montana that has higher public education facilities without access to the full curriculum. Why was I held hostage? I was and continue to be taxed, but denied the value of my tax dollar. How? By a secret agreement between the Board of Higher Education with a parochial school of which I am not a congregant.

B.     In order for you to have attended classes in Great Falls, would you have preferred an alternative delivery schedule--evenings and weekends?

No: 5   Yes:  15

  • Then I could have more easily had a job at the same time.
  • I would have preferred a mixture of both some day and some evenings. 
  • Definitely

C. Is there anything else you want us to know about access to public higher education in Great Falls?

  • In addition to providing public higher education in Great Falls I would also like to see legislation both state and federal that would provide student loans with a forgiveness program for teaching in our state.
  • Public higher education is needed in Great Falls. 
  • It is about time.
  • We need a public school here. Many can't afford UGF.
  • It doesn't apply to me anymore but, there is definitely a need for teacher training in this area.
  • I'd like to earn a doctorate in education in Great Falls.
  • Teachers are always looking for classes for re-certification or salary schedule advancement. The more opportunities the better.
  • The demand is definitely great in Great Falls for this opportunity. It would be a great service to the taxpayers of this area to provide education to provide access to public higher education.
  • I would like an ongoing program that would titillate my mind in any subject whatever. My brains are getting rusty.
  • At age 85, what are my advances of earning the credits I need?
  • Malstrom AFB has a large population interested in higher education that needs options in addition to the advanced degrees which are available on base.
  • Summer workshops in Great Falls would be wonderful. Presently I take more at UGF due to access.
  • I abhor the unconstitutional relationship between the Catholic Church and its agents and the office of Commissioner of Higher Education.

Part II About Others

Do you know others who may be interested in earning a bachelor's degree in elementary education in Great Falls? If yes, please provide us with their names and as much information as you know below (e.g. place where they work, telephone numbers, etc.) so that we may contact them.

  • I know several people in Great Falls interested in getting a teaching degree, master's degree and an opportunity to re-certify. With the current & expected shortage of teachers in Montana it is important to offer a quality, economic degree in education.
  • None -- already graduated with a degree in education from the University of Great Falls. They have always complained about the cost compared to Northern in Havre.
  • Not at this time.
  • Can't think of anyone at the moment.
  • My husband would love to take classes here for his master's in science education.
  • It's too late. My daughter left the state. She couldn't afford living in Havre and going to school, so we helped with support out of state. Other? I will inquire.

Part III About You

Dates degree earned: 71, 84, 62, 93, 97, 73, 92, 81, 90, 70, 81, 75, 85, 96, 75, 66, 73, 59, 89, 73, 82, 69, 73, 86, 91, 91, 91

Check all that apply:   Bachelor's: 22    Masters: 14    Doc: 1