January 18-19, 2001

ITEM 110-1001-R0101  Mission Statements; The University of Montana


THAT:   The Board of Regents of the Montana University System approves the following mission statements of The University of Montana's four campuses -- The University of Montana-Missoula, Montana Tech of The University of Montana, Western Montana College of The University of Montana, and Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana.

EXPLANATION:  The University of Montana capitalizes on its unique strengths to create knowledge, provide an active learning environment for students, and offer programs and services responsive to the needs of Montanans. The University delivers education and training on its four campuses and through telecommunications to sites inside and outside of Montana. With public expectations on the rise, the University asks its students, faculty, and staff to do and accomplish even more than they have in the past. The dedication to education for and throughout life reflects the commitment to service learning and community building on and off the campuses. The University enhances its programs through continuous quality review for improvement and remains fully accountable to the citizenry through annual audits and performance evaluations.

  The University of Montana-Missoula: The mission of The University of Montana-Missoula is the pursuit of academic excellence as indicated by the quality of curriculum and instruction, student performance, and faculty professional accomplishments. The University accomplishes this mission, in part, by providing unique educational experiences through the integration of the liberal arts, graduate study, and professional training with international and interdisciplinary emphases. Through its graduates, the University also seeks to educate competent and humane professionals and informed, ethical, and engaged citizens of local and global communities. Through its programs and the activities of faculty, staff, and students, The University of Montana-Missoula provides basic and applied research, technology transfer, cultural outreach, and service benefiting the local community, region, State, nation and the world.

Montana Tech of The University of Montana: Montana Tech of The University of Montana is a comprehensive university emphasizing science and engineering with a national and international reputation for excellence. Programs range from occupational through graduate levels in engineering and selected other fields. The campus is dedicated to assisting students attain success in their academic, professional, and individual life goals. A personalized set of support services is available to all students. Students study in a learning environment that stresses practical, hands-on experiences and internships. A Montana Tech education results in well-rounded individuals-- competent, responsible, and ethical professionals.

Montana Tech of The University of Montana serves as a cultural and events center for the local community and Southwest Montana. It promotes science literacy generally, specifically encourages careers in engineering and science, and offers an expanding array of external studies and outreach programs. The economic development of the immediate service area and the State of Montana is an important part of the outreach activities.

Research is incorporated into the curriculum as an essential learning technique. Research and other scholarly activities of the faculty, staff, and students contribute to innovation and problem solving; provide practical solutions for business and industry; and add to the general body of knowledge. The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, along with the academic departments and several other focused research centers, play critical roles in support of resource-based industries in Montana and around the world.

Western Montana College of The University of Montana: The unique mission of Western Montana College of The University of Montana emphasizes experiential learning that combines theory and practice through projects and field experiences. We embrace as our mission the privilege and the obligation to both capitalize on and compensate for our beautiful but isolated landscape in Southwest Montana. This mission infuses our curriculum: in our century-long tradition for excellence in teacher education; in our growing strength in the interdisciplinary arts and sciences; and in our two-year associate degree programs responding to regional needs.

As part of The University of Montana and the Montana University System, the College meets State needs with its baccalaureate and associate degrees, a center for rural education, and lifelong learning programs for teachers, nontraditional students, and senior citizens. The College articulates its programs with other campuses to ease transfers between institutions, and collaborates with other institutions to conserve resources and enhance access.

As part of post-secondary education in America, the College devotes its full attention to undergraduate education; promotes consideration of values and ethics in and out of the classroom; fosters intellectual awakening; contributes through scholarship and research to the search for knowledge; and seeks improved assessment of student learning. Education at Western features small-group instruction, field-based experience, interdisciplinary studies, and commitment to academic success and lifelong learning.

As part of local communities, the College incorporates community service into the curriculum, develops partnerships with Montana's public schools, sponsors youth programs, supports economic development, acts as a good neighbor, and fosters active citizenship. The College promotes student leadership, teamwork, extracurricular enrichment, career development, and personal responsibility.

As part of the global community, the College encourages diversity, international awareness, environmental responsibility, and mastery of technology as a gateway to the world.

Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana: The Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana is a two-year institution of higher education dedicated to meeting the varied educational needs of individual students, business and industry, and the Helena community. As one of the four campuses of The University of Montana, the College gives special attention to occupational programs, but also offers an Associate of Science degree and serves as a Higher Education Center for the Montana University System.

The College has been committed to providing technical education for employment since its founding in 1939 and has earned a State-wide reputation for excellent programs in the technologies, trades, business, protective services and allied health services. The College is dedicated to developing technical expertise in students and meeting the technology-based demands of industry, business and government. The College offers Certificates of Completion and Associate of Applied Science degrees in programs preparing students for immediate employment. The College also provides continuing technical education in response to requests from industry, business, and government.

The College has expanded its mission to provide for other higher education needs in the community and the State. The College offers an Associate of Science degree in General Studies, providing upward mobility for students who wish to acquire a core of coursework transferable to baccalaureate programs throughout the State.

The College also serves as a higher education center for the Montana University System. The center provides graduate programs and continuing education courses in Montana's capital city.

The College is committed to excellence in the quality of its programs and the manner in which they are offered. The College welcomes a diverse student population and offers a variety of options in programs, curriculum, and instruction.