ITEM 110-104-R0101 Attachment

TO:���������������� Board of Regents 

FROM:���������� Arlene Hannawalt 

RE:���������������� Nominations to the Student Loan Advisory Council 

DATE:����������� January 2, 2001 

There is one vacancy on the Student Loan Advisory Council for a representative from the public four-year educational institutions.� However, as the Montana University System has been reorganized into two main universities it is my recommendation that there be a representative from both The University of Montana and Montana State University to ensure both units are properly represented.

It is my recommendation that Mick Hanson be re-appointed from The University of Montana.�� Mr. Hanson has been with The University of Montana for more than 30 years, first as a computer analyst and programmer and secondly, since 1986, as the financial aid director.�� Mr. Hanson has his Master of Science degree from The University of Montana.

It is also my recommendation that Melina Hawkins be appointed from Montana State University-Billings, to provide representation from Montana State University.� Ms. Hawkins has been with Montana State University since 1977 and has been the Financial Aid Director since 1986.� Ms. Hawkins has her Bachelor of Science Degree in English and Communications from Montana State University-Billings, formerly known as Eastern Montana College.

There are five units of the Montana University System that participate in the Federal Family Education (FFEL) Program.� These units are The University of Montana, Missoula; Western Montana College of The University of Montana; Montana Tech of The University of Montana; Montana State University-Billings; and Montana State University-Northern.� Montana State University-Bozeman does not participate in the FFEL program.