ITEM 110-104-R0101 Attachment


TO: Board of Regents 

FROM: Arlene Hannawalt 

RE: Nominations to the Student Loan Advisory Council 

DATE: January 2, 2001 


There is one vacancy on the Student Loan Advisory Council for a representative from the public four-year educational institutions. However, as the Montana University System has been reorganized into two main universities it is my recommendation that there be a representative from both The University of Montana and Montana State University to ensure both units are properly represented.

It is my recommendation that Mick Hanson be re-appointed from The University of Montana. Mr. Hanson has been with The University of Montana for more than 30 years, first as a computer analyst and programmer and secondly, since 1986, as the financial aid director. Mr. Hanson has his Master of Science degree from The University of Montana.

It is also my recommendation that Melina Hawkins be appointed from Montana State University-Billings, to provide representation from Montana State University. Ms. Hawkins has been with Montana State University since 1977 and has been the Financial Aid Director since 1986. Ms. Hawkins has her Bachelor of Science Degree in English and Communications from Montana State University-Billings, formerly known as Eastern Montana College.

There are five units of the Montana University System that participate in the Federal Family Education (FFEL) Program. These units are The University of Montana, Missoula; Western Montana College of The University of Montana; Montana Tech of The University of Montana; Montana State University-Billings; and Montana State University-Northern. Montana State University-Bozeman does not participate in the FFEL program.