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 ITEM 110-1501-R0101  ATTACHMENT


December 13, 2000


Dr. James Trudnowski

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Carroll College

1601 North Benton Avenue

Helena MT 59625


Dear Jim:


It was good to visit with you yesterday.� Thank you for taking the time to work with us on the Montana Tech proposal to bring a bachelor's degree program to Helena.� Dan Bradley distributed to us their proposal yesterday, and with a copy of this letter, I will convey it to Rev. Steven Rowan, your interim president.� Under the provisions of Board policy 220, please take the transmission of the proposal yesterday as the "official" starting point for review.


As I indicated, this item will be on the submission agenda for the Board of Regents meeting January 18-19, but it will not be acted upon until the March 22 meeting of the Board.� If you wish to submit written comment to the Board in time for the January meeting, the submission deadline (to me) will be December 29, 2000.� If you wish to submit written comment to the Board in time for the March meeting, the deadline will be February 23, 2001.


At our meeting, I also distributed a proposal from Montana State University-Northern to bring an MS in Learning Development to Helena for an identified cohort of students. If I could have your input about this separate proposal by January 8, I will determine whether this will go to the Board on its agenda or as a simple information item.


Thank you for your time in these reviews.� If you have any questions, please contact me at







Joyce A. Scott

Deputy Commissioner

for Academic & Student Affairs


Cc:����� Rev. Steven Rowan

����������� Provost Lois Muir

����������� Vice Chancellor Dan Bradley

����������� Commissioner Richard Crofts