September 27-28, 2001


Montana University System


THAT: The operating budgets of all fund groups for the institutions and agencies of the Montana University System for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2001, as submitted by each of the units, recommended by the Commissioner of Higher Education, and summarized on the following budget schedules, are hereby authorized.

In order to allow flexibility as authorized by the Legislature in HB002, the Board of Regents authorizes the Commissioner of Higher Education or his designee to approve transfers between programs from the approved operating budgets or movement of authority between fiscal years.

The Commissioner of Higher Education or his designee shall be authorized to approve budget amendments relating to Federal funds and to other funds appropriated by reference in H.B. 2 such as, but not limited to, federal funds, restricted funds, designated funds, auxiliary enterprise funds, loan funds, and plant funds not specifically limited by the Long Range Building Program appropriation acts or Regent policies.


EXPLANATION: Approval of these operating budgets is required by 17-7-138(2), M.C.A., which states: "The expenditure of money appropriated in the general appropriation act to the university system units, as defined in 17-7-102, is contingent upon approval of an operating budget by October 1 of each fiscal year." The approving authority for the university system is defined by 17-7-102(4)(f), M.C.A., to be the Board of Regents of Higher Education or its designated representative.