September 27-28, 2001

ITEM 112-1603-R0901 Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Visual Arts to the Bachelor of Arts Degree; The University of Montana-Western


THAT: The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes The University of Montana-Western to add an Option in Visual Arts to the Bachelor of Arts Degree.


EXPLANATION: The University of Montana-Western proposes to add an Option in Visual Arts to its Bachelor of Arts Degree. The courses needed to offer this option currently exist. The offering of such a degree option has several advantages. One, it allows students interested in studio-based visual arts, but unsure of their interest in art education, to attend UM-Western in a clear program of study. Two, since the curriculums of the B.A. Option in Visual Arts and the B.S. Degree for the Secondary Education Major in Art share similarities, students could switch between degrees with little difficulty. This allows for some flexibility as students progress in their academic career and will aid retention since students will not have to transfer in order to get different degree options. Third, when coupled with the Related Area of Crafts, the Option in Visual Arts would allow UM-Western to market an art degree with unique studio options within the region. Fourth, with the Related Area in Business, visual arts students will gain important business skills to complement their artistic skills (a combination not offered by many regional art programs).

The completed signature page resides on file at the President's Office, The University of Montana-Missoula.