September 27-28, 2001

ITEM 112-1604-R0901 ATTACHMENT 

The University of Montana-Western
College of Arts and Sciences
Environmental Sciences Department



1. Briefly describe the proposed new program. Please indicate if it is an expansion of an existing program; a new program; a cooperative effort with another institution, business, or industry; or an on-campus or off-campus program. Attach any formal agreements established for cooperative efforts.

Organizational chart

This is not a new program but a restructuring of the Academic Affairs Division at The University of Montana-Western. Below are the current and proposed organization charts for Academic Affairs at The University of Montana-Western.


Proposed organizational chart

2. Summarize a needs assessment conducted to justify the proposal. Please include how the assessment plan was developed or executed and the data derived from this effort.

Investigations that occurred during Western's institutional self-study revealed the desirability of restructuring institutional functions in academic and student affairs to unite those areas with considerable overlap in function that were previously acting without an optimal level of interaction. These changes have also included reassigning tasks to Western's three Vice Chancellors to even out responsibilities while producing more functional units.

One of the recommendations from the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges when Western's accreditation was reaffirmed in June of 2000 was to complete the reorganization of administration and staff to support the teaching and learning environment. Western believes that this reorganization of Academic Affairs will help to accomplish that recommendation.

This reorganization separates the campus faculty into two units of approximately equal size. The School of Education, Business and Technology faculty primarily deliver programs that are professional or technical in nature and prepare students for particular career objectives. The College of Arts and Sciences faculty deliver programs that are in the interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences that prepare students for a broader range of careers or graduate schools. The College of Arts and Sciences faculty also play key roles in providing necessary Arts and Sciences education for those in the professional and technical programs.


3. Explain how the program relates to the Role and Scope of the institution as established by the Board of Regents.

The reorganization does not change the Role and Scope of the institution but is expected to result in greater incorporation of appropriate technology into Western's Teacher Education Programs and result in additional efficiencies and synergies between the programs in the School.


4. Please state what effect, if any, the proposed program will have on the administrative structure of the institution. Also indicate the potential involvement of other departments, divisions, colleges, or schools.

See above.


5. Describe the extent to which similar programs are offered in Montana, the Pacific Northwest, and states bordering Montana. How similar are these programs to the one herein proposed?

The changes will have no impact on the types of academic programs offered at Western.


6. Please name any accrediting agency(ies) or learned society(ies) that would be concerned with the particular program herein proposed. How has this program been developed in accordance with the criteria developed by said accrediting body(ies) or learned society(ies)?

The program would meet all requirements of the regional accrediting organization, the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NASC). The details of the structure can be refined to meet all requirements of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).


7. Prepare an outline of the proposed curriculum showing course titles and credits. Please include any plans for expansion of the program during its first three years.

Not applicable.


1. Please indicate, by name and rank, current faculty who will be involved with the program proposed herein.

All campus faculty are included under both the current and proposed academic structures.


2. Please project the need for new faculty over the first five-year program. Include special qualifications or training. If present faculty are to conduct the new program, please explain how they will be relieved from present duties.

No need for additional faculty over the next five years is projected due to the restructuring.


3. Please explain the need and cost for support personnel or other required personnel expenditures.

The reorganization provides for a Dean of Arts and Sciences other than the current Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs who also currently holds the title of Dean of Arts and Sciences. The new Dean of Arts and Sciences will be granted a fifty percent reduction in course teaching load but no additional salary or stipend. Course reductions in the academic area of the new Dean will allow for the course reduction with no additional expense for adjuncts or overload payment.

The current position of Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs with a $5,000 stipend will also be eliminated and the duties of the Special Assistant shared by the Dean of Arts and Sciences and other faculty and administrators with no additional compensation. $2000 of this stipend will be used to establish a separate budget for the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

Other staffing for the College of Arts and Sciences will be provided by a single administrative assistant who is currently shared by the Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. This will represent a reassignment of current duties with no additional costs.


1. Please summarize operating expenditure needs

There will be no overall change in the operating expenditures of Academic Affairs because of the restructuring.


2. Please evaluate library resources. Are they adequate for operation of the proposed program? If not, how will the library need to be strengthened during the next three years?


Library needs will not be affected by the restructuring.


3. Please indicate special clinical, laboratory, and/or computer equipment that will be needed. List those pieces of equipment or computer hardware presently available in the department.

Laboratory and equipment needs will not be affected by the restructuring.


4. Please describe facilities and space required for the proposed program. Are current facilities adequate for the program? If not, how does the institution propose to provide new facilities?

No new facilities or space will be required because of the restructuring.



1. Please name faculty committees or councils that have reviewed and approved the program herein proposed.

This restructuring was reviewed and approved by the President, Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, and the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement.

2. If outside consultants have been employed, please list the names of these consultants, their current positions and titles. Append copies of their written reports (this is a requirement of new doctoral programs).

No external consultants were employed in the development of this restructuring.