November 15-16, 2001

ITEM 113-1001-R1101  Grant of Easement to the City of Missoula for Construction of Detention Basin; The University of Montana-Missoula


THAT: Pursuant to Montana University System Policy 1003.3, the Board of Regents of the Montana University System authorizes The University of Montana-Missoula to grant an easement of 3.43 acres to the City of Missoula for purposes of constructing storm drainage and flood mitigation facilities at the terminus of Pattee Creek.


EXPLANATION: The City of Missoula has requested an easement in The University of Montana-Missoula property located at the corner of Pattee Canyon Drive and South Higgins Avenue. The City has presented the attached Memorandum of Understanding outlining the request and proposed easement agreement terms. The City will pay for all expenses related to the design, construction, and maintenance of this detention basin, as well as insure and indemnify the University against all legal liabilities and costs arising from City activities in connection with the proposed easement.

Dornblaser Field and the surrounding city district have experienced historical flooding, and portions of the land lie within the 100-year flood plain. This project will mitigate future flooding potential, based on the engineering plans. An application to FEMA will follow to remove those parts of Dornblaser from the 100-year flood plain.


ATTACHMENT:                   Memorandum of Understanding.