Modify the 1999-2002 collective bargaining agreement as follows:


1.�������� 10.120� FACULTY DUTIES


Change paragraph (2) as follows:


�(2)� To distribute to each student by the end of the second week of instruction a written or online (hard copy or electronic copy) syllabus or course outline which specifies the objectives of each course and the general method of instruction, as well as course requirements (such as term papers, reports, and scheduled tests), office location and phone number, and any estimated additional costs to the student that may occur during the term. The syllabus/outline must also include a clear statement of the basis on which grades will be determined. A copy of the syllabus/outline shall be filed in the offices of the Department Chair and the appropriate Dean.�


2.�������� 14.145� SPECIAL CASES


Add the following new section:


�D.� Faculty may elect to have their pay over 26 pay periods which would start in August of the Academic Year and end the next August.� Once this election has been made, the election is irrevocable unless an exception is granted by the Chancellor.� If a faculty member chooses to move to the 26 pay periods, they must elect this option by May 1st of the academic year before they want the change to take effect.� If a faculty member has selected the 26 pay period option and terminates, all amounts due will be paid out at termination.


New faculty may elect the 26 pay period option at the time of hire.� This option is not available for fixed term, lecturers, and terminal contract faculty unless prior approval is given by the Chancellor.�


3.�������� Add the following Memorandum of Understanding:




I.���������� The parties agree to a 3.95% base-building salary increase for the Academic Year 2001-2002 effective November 1, 2001.


II.��������� Effective with the 2001 summer session, change 14.200 as follows:


����������� 14.200� SUMMER SESSION


Salaries for faculty members in the bargaining unit who are given a full-time summer session appointment, eight (8) semester credits, shall be paid at the rate of twenty-two percent (22%) of the academic year salary beginning in August/September of the year preceding the Summer Session.� If the faculty member is employed less than full-time, the salary shall be prorated for any fractional part of such full-time employment.� A faculty member may volunteer to teach more than eight (8) credits (1.0, nine (9) semester hours, or three (3) 3-credit semester courses) but will not receive additional compensation for the additional credit.


����������� Faculty will be issued a notice of appointment for summer session.


III.������� It is understood the funding of this salary settlement will require the cooperation and support of faculty, administration, and the faculty association in order to achieve the following:

1.) ������ Increased recruitment and retention of students

2.)������� Streamlined curricula

3.)������� Development of an Academic Master Plan to include a review of workloads, allocation of funds, and new program development.�


4.��������� The Faculty Association and Administration agree to abide by the Schedule of Faculty Evaluations, Tenure, and Promotion published September 7, 2001 for the Academic Year 2001-2002.� The dates for faculty evaluations, tenure, and promotion, as in Items 4, 5, and 6 of the Addendum to the 1999-2002 Bargaining Agreement (Regent Item 111-10-R0501) Sections 7.200, 9.520, and 9.540, will be implemented in Academic Year 2002-2003.