ITEM 114-106-R0102� ATTACHMENT�����������������������������                                                 January 17-18, 2002

    Please place the following item on the agenda under new business for the January meeting of the Board of Regents:


Request from the Leadership College that the Montana University System provide meeting space, organizational logistics, marketing and other such assistance as may further the Mission of the Leadership College as consistent with the Mission of the Montana University System.


    Attached you will find the December 13, 2001 Draft Charter for the Leadership College which has been approved by the Governing Board.  Under this Draft, the training and forums which make up the Leadership College "would be held on college or university campuses who would be asked to  provide logistical support."  Keeping in mind that the purpose of the Leadership College is provide education, the Montana University System with its expertise in education makes it an ideal partner for the Leadership College.

    With assistance of University Relations from all campuses, and others from the University System, the Leadership College can put together its business plan, marketing package, plan and arrange sessions, refine and improve its operation.

    Although we believe the Montana University System is a perfect partner for the Leadership College, this is simply a request.  If the University System cannot commit at this time, we will ask K-12 public schools and local government, who we believe will be active participants in the Leadership College, to provide meeting space and other logistical help.

    Bob Person, former Executive Director of the Legislative Services Division, has agreed to serve as Dean of the Leadership College.  The members of the Governing Board are as follows:


John Mercer
Mike Foster
Mike McGrath
Bob Brown
Carol Donaldson
Bob Keenan
Jon Tester
Roy Brown
Rosie Buzzas
Royal Johnson
Jerry Driscoll
Dennis Taylor
Joyce Silverthorn
Harold Blattie
Eric Feaver