November 21-22, 2002

301.10 General Education Block Transfer Policy

Effective March 29, 1996; Issued May 15, 1996

Board Policy:

  1. The Montana University System is committed to facilitating the ease of undergraduate student transfer to its campuses. Therefore, all campuses of the Montana University System will recognize the integrity of general education programs offered by units of the Montana University System and the three publicly supported community colleges, and the seven tribal colleges in Montana.
  2. To ensure adequate student preparation for transfer, campuses will exclude from their general education core courses that are remedial or developmental in nature such as Introductory or Intermediate Algebra, Reading Improvement, Vocabulary Building, etc.
  3. Undergraduate students who have completed, with a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 (C) on a four-point scale, an approved general education program of between 30 and 45 lower division credit hours at one of the institutions noted above and who transfer to another of those institutions will be deemed to have met the lower division general education requirements of the campus to which the students have transferred.
  4. Students who have not completed such an approved general education program will have their transcript evaluated for transfer purposes using the Statewide Core Curriculum and Community College Transfer Guide.� Note:� College-level courses shall be defined as those that are applicable to an associate of arts, associate of science or baccalaureate degree.� The receiving institution will determine in advance of a student�s enrollment which courses within an associate of applied science degree program will be credited toward a given associates or baccalaureate degree.� In all cases, such courses shall not include remedial or developmental courses.
  5. Depending upon the major program into which the transfer student transfers selects, there may still be additional lower division courses required to meet published major program prerequisites. requirements may still be necessary for the transfer student to complete as part of the published programmatic prerequisites.


  1. Each campus of the Montana University System and the publicly supported community and tribal colleges will provide the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education its approved general education program and update that information whenever changes are made. The Commissioner of Higher Education will make this information available to all campuses of the Montana University System.
  2. The tribal colleges and independent colleges in the State of Montana may elect to participate in this reciprocal recognition of general education integrity on the same terms as the campuses of the Montana University System. Those electing to do so will provide the appropriate information to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.


Item 89-001-R1195, General Education Transfer Policy; Montana University System, approved by the Board of Regents on March 29, 1996.

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