971.7.1 Building and Maintenance Fees; Colleges of Technology

Effective May 16, 1996; Issued October 4, 1996

Statutory Authority:

See 20-16-203, M.C.A.

Board policy:

1.  Each student enrolled in the regular instructional program (including summer session) at a College of Technology shall be assessed a per semester credit hour building and maintenance fee consistent with the number of credits assessed for registration and incidental fees.

2.  The building and maintenance fee shall be deposited in a separate Plant Fund account and may be expended in accordance with the procedures listed on pages 940.9.1 and 940.9.3.

3.  A portion of the total fees collected may be designated to develop and maintain parking lots, traffic control, and to improve campus access.

4.  No additional parking or motor vehicle fee shall be assessed to students attending the Colleges of Technology.


See Section 1052.


Item No. 58-7006-R0388, Building and Maintenance Fees; Montana Vocational Technical Centers, March 25, 1988; revised March 17, 1989; Item 65-7001-R0989, Inventory and Validation of Fees, Montana Vocational-Technical System, September 14, 1989; Item 58-7006-R0388 as amended June 21, 199, May 3, 1993, and May 16, 1996.

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