Policy and Procedures Manual

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Section: 801.2 Leaves; administrative personnel
Effective: November 18, 1999; Issued: December 10, 199

Board policy:

1. Presidents, chancellors, vice presidents and vice chancellors, deans, directors, and other administrative personnel as well as the Commissioner of Higher Education and members of his staff are eligible for Administrative Personnel Leave. Supervisory personnel in positions not directly related to academic administration are eligible for Administrative Personnel Leave also. Such leaves shall be granted according to the following procedures.



1. Administrative personnel leaves shall be subject to budget limitations that may exist.

2. Satisfactory programs or projects include study, research, travel, related work in other institutions or private or business organizations or other activities which the president, chancellor or Commissioner of Higher Education agree will improve the staff member professionally or which directly or indirectly benefit the campus, the university system or the State.

3. Requests for such leave must show value to the respective campus or commissioners office and cause no impairment of the campus or office programs because of the applicant's absence.

4. Any individual receiving an administrative leave will be expected to return to his or her university system employment for at least one contract period or to repay money received from the university system while on leave.

5. Administrative leave shall not be deemed earned leave time, nor become vested right or interest, nor be, nor become, an implied provision of any contract.

6. Each president and chancellor shall submit by September l an annual summary of administrative leaves to the Commissioner of Higher Education and the Board of Regentsfor the prior fiscal yearupon request.

7. All applications for administrative leave shall be submitted to the President or Chancellor of the campus, or if applicable to the Commissioner of Higher Education, allowing sufficient time for evaluation prior to the beginning of the leave. Requests for administrative leave for presidents must be recommended by the Commissioner of Higher Education. All leave requests shall be submitted to the Board of Regents through the Commissioner of Higher Education for approval.



Item 204‑001, November 27, 1967 as amended October 29, 1976; (The portion of Item 204‑001 relating to administrative and supervisory leave is rescinded); Item 20‑001‑R0478, Leaves, Administrative Personnel, Montana University System, May 31, 1978, as revised July 6, 1995 and November 18, 1999.