ITEM 122-105-R0104


Summary of Tentative Agreement


UM-Western Faculty Association



Modify the 2001-2003 collective bargaining agreement to read as follows.


1.�������� 3.600� ACADEMIC RESPONSIBILITY�����


Add the following to paragraph 2:�


�f.� to evaluate students and award grades on the basis of academic performance.�


2.�������� 4.300� ACCESS TO INFORMATION


����������� Change to read:� �The agenda for regular Board of Regents meetings will be posted electronically at least a week prior to the meetings.� In addition, minutes of the Regents meetings will be posted electronically.�


3.�������� 4.400 ADDRESSING THE BOARD���������


Change to read:� �Officers of the Association shall have a right to initiate discussions with the Board on relevant topics, not to include matters that are a subject of negotiations, provided that the Association notifies the Administration and the Commissioner in writing ten (10) working days in advance of any regularly scheduled Board of Regents� meeting.� Such notice shall contain a statement regarding the topic.�




Change the first paragraph to read:� �Responsibility for submitting an application for tenure and/or promotion rests with the faculty member.� Any faculty member quantitatively eligible for tenure and/or promotion and who wishes to apply for the same shall submit a letter of intent to apply for tenure and/or promotion to the VC-AA on or before September 15.� Eligibility for tenure and/or promotion shall be determined by October 1.� The VC-AA shall forward the letter of intent to apply to the tenure and promotion committee.� Tenure and/or promotion application portfolios shall be submitted to the VC-AA on or before December 15 and shall include at least the following:� (1) a statement of the teaching, research and/or creative activity, and professional service performed by the applicant both on and off campus during the probationary period; (2) a vita of the applicant's publications and/or creative works; and (3) any other information the applicant deems relevant to his/her professional development, competence or performance.� Portfolio contents may be described more fully in applicable unit standards.��


Change the second paragraph to read:� �The procedures shall permit all interested parties to submit written documentation.� The deadline for soliciting such input from interested parties is January 1.� If the Tenure and Promotion Committee is to solicit input from current or former students, the deadline for this solicitation is also January 1.� If after reviewing the file the committee perceives any weaknesses or negative documentation, the faculty member under tenure and/or promotion review shall be informed of the perceived weaknesses or negative documentation and given the opportunity to provide additional documentation that responds to the perceived weaknesses or negative documentation.� The committee shall make a recommendation as to the granting or denial of tenure and/or promotion to the VC-AA on or before February 15 of the academic year and shall forward the tenure and/or promotion review file to the VC-AA at the same time.� The VC-AA shall review the file and make a recommendation to the Chancellor.� In the event the VC-AA determines the file is incomplete or insufficient, the file may be returned to the tenure and promotion committee for appropriate action.�


5.�������� 11.200� SELECTION OF PRESIDENT AND CHANCELLOR� (new title)


Change to read:� �All search and screening committees for the President of The University of Montana-Missoula and the Chancellor of UM-Western shall include faculty representatives. The Board of Regents and the President of The University of Montana retain the prerogative of disapproving the recommendations of the search committee.�


6.�������� 12.100� FACULTY SALARIES����




8.�������� 12.310� GROUP INSURANCE


Change to read as follows:� �Effective July 1, 2003, the employer contribution to health insurance shall be increased by $44.00 per month or $528.00 per year.� Effective July 1, 2004, the employer contribution to health insurance shall be increased by $50.00 per month or $600.00 per year.�


9.�������� Add the following new provision as Section 15.950.


����������� �15.950� INTERIM AMENDMENT


Changes or additions to this agreement during its term may be negotiated only upon mutual agreement of the parties.� Any agreed to changes or additions shall be made effective upon any date agreed upon by both parties and shall expire upon the expiration of this agreement.� In order for any changes or additions to be effective they must be set down in writing and approved and signed by the union president and the Commissioner.�


10.������� 17.200� DURATION CLAUSE, page 31


����������� Change �2001� to �2003� and change �2003� to �2005.�


11.������� Add the following new memorandum of understanding.


�A partial tuition waiver benefit for dependents will be piloted for bargaining unit employees during FY 2005.� Such benefit shall be administered in accordance with Regent policy.�


12.������� Add the following new memorandum of understanding.


�During the implementation of Experience One, a faculty member may teach more than three (3) independent study courses per academic year with approval of the Labor-Management Committee.�


13.������� Change �college� to �university� throughout the agreement.