ITEM 122-110-R0104����������������� Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual:� Financial Affairs Section 940.1:� Residency policy; Montana University System� (REVISED)

(at pages 2 & 3)


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      (7)(a)  Notwithstanding the residency requirement, the following classes of persons are eligible for in‑state status: 


                 (i)  members of the armed forces of the United States assigned to active duty in Montana, their spouses, and their dependent children during the member's tour of duty in Montana; 


                 (ii)  an individual domiciled in Montana and employed full-time in a permanent job in Montana and the spouse and dependent children of such an individual provided the primary purpose of the person seeking in-state status for coming to Montana was not the education of the children, the spouse, or the employed individual; 


                 (iii)  any graduate of a Montana high school accredited by the Board of Public Education who is a citizen of the United States or a resident alien who registers at a campus no later than the secondfourth fall term following the student's high school graduation shall be eligible under this section for in-state status for either (1)fivesix years from the date of initial registration or until the achievement of a baccalaureate degree, whichever occurs first, or (2) as long as the individual remains continuously enrolled at a Montana University System campus (excluding summers);� provided either of the following conditions existed at the time the student graduated from high school: 


                        (A)  the student attended the Montana high school for the student's entire senior year; or

                        (B)  the student had a parent who was employed and resided in Yellowstone National Park; 


                 (iv)  an individual domiciled in a state other than Montana who derives more than 50% of family income, as reported or required to be reported under the United States tax laws, from full-time employment in a permanent job in Montana and who pays all required Montana taxes on Montana derived income and the spouse and dependent children of such individual; provided the state of domicile provides reciprocal treatment for Montana residents. 


            (b)  If a person receives in-state status under the provisions of this subsection (7), such status continues only so long as the person remains a member of one of the described classes.  If the person no longer is eligible for membership in one of the classes, the person will be reclassified as out-of-state unless the person qualifies for in-state status under the residency provisions.  It is the responsibility of an individual to notify the campus if the individual is no longer eligible for an exception. 

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