ITEM 122-114-R0104����������������� Appointment of Members to the Committee on Quality


EXPLANATION:����������������������� The Montana Board of Regents, at its September 2003 meeting, approved the formation of a committee to define quality programs and services within the Montana University System �. . .in language citizens understand and measurable in benchmarks valued by students and citizens, the consumers of higher education.�� At its November 2003 meeting, the Board asked that a list of possible committee members be assembled for the Regents� review and approval at this meeting.


That list is attached to this item.


The following members of the committee were not specifically identified at the time this item was prepared for the Board of Regents:

�        a faculty member from UM-Western.

�        the deputy superintendent in the Office of Public Instruction; that person is expected to be hired soon.

�        a legislator; the Republican leaders of both the Montana Senate and the Montana House of Representatives were asked to nominate possible legislators as members for this committee, and that request is still being considered.