ITEM 122-1501-RO304����������� ATTACHMENT 1


This authority request is for an amount greater than $150,000, which requires the following information:


(a) Project Description:

This project will address deferred maintenance and energy efficiencies by replacing existing energy deficient windows with energy efficient windows and insulated �infills.�� It will also repair/refurbish deteriorated exterior concrete fenestration and roof parapet cap, and tuck-point all deteriorated brick windowsills.


(b) Cost Estimate and Funding Source:

The project is estimated to cost $321,200 that includes construction costs, consultant fees and all other expenses associated with the project.


(c) Programs Served, Enrollment Data, Projected Enrollments:

The project will help provide a more comfortable environment for all students, faculty and staff using this facility.� It addresses energy consumption and deferred maintenance issues.� Current enrollment data and projected enrollment are not directly impacted by this project.


(d) Space Utilization Data:

No new or additional space will be created by this project.


(e) Projected Use for Available Residual Space:



(f) Projected O&M Costs and Proposed Funding Sources:

No increased O&M responsibilities will be created by this project.