January 15-16, 2004


ITEM 122-2010-R0104��������������� Authorization to Renovate Portions of Marsh Lab; Montana State University-Bozeman


THAT:�������������������������������������� Consistent with the provisions of MCA-18-2-102 (c), the Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes MSU-Bozeman to renovate portions of Marsh Lab. This request is for a total of $250,000.


EXPLANATION:����������������������� 1.�� The Veterinary Molecular Biology department recently moved from Marsh Lab into leased facilities, leaving approximately 12,000 gross square feet of space available in Marsh Lab.


2.�� The vacated space will be occupied by various campus users, but the building will require some minimal repair and renovation to accommodate the new occupants.


3.�� This project will be financed with indirect cost recovery funds from research grants and will result in no new programs.


4.�� This project requires the authorization from the Board of Regents and the consent of the Governor.

Board of Regents Policy: Physical Plant B Section 1003.7


This authority request is for an amount greater than $150,000, which requires the following additional information.


(a)  Project description


The work performed under this authority will include repairs, renovation and minor reconfiguration of existing space to accommodate the needs of new occupants.


(b)  Cost Estimate and Funding Sources

�         Design������������������������� $� 25,000

�         Construction����������������� $200,000

�         Contingency����������������� $� 25,000

Total���������������� $250,000


  • Funding Source:� This project will be financed with indirect cost recovery funds from research grants and will result in no new programs.

(c)  Programs Served, Enrollment Data, Projected Enrollments

  • Programs:� The Entomology Department is expected to move to Marsh Lab.


  • Enrollment Data:� The Entomology program primarily supports other degree programs as a core curriculum course option.� They also currently (Fall, 2003) have 12 graduate students working towards master's degrees in Entomology.� Current, Fall, 2003 semester class schedule includes 10 Entomology Courses, including a 100 level course with a capacity of 100 students.����������������������


  • Projected Enrollments:� No change in degree enrollment is expected, but departmental outreach abilities will be amplified in the form of a seminar lab for community teaching.


(d)  Space Utilization Data

  • The Entomology Dept will vacate 1,113 square feet in Lewis Hall and 5,214 square feet in Leon Johnson Hall to occupy 7,363 square feet in Marsh Lab.


(e)  Projected use for available residual space

  • The MSU Space Management Committee solicited proposals from Deans and Dept Heads for utilization of the space to be vacated by Entomology. Proposals under review at this time include those submitted by the Dean of the College of Agriculture and the Dean of the College of Letters and Science. Space will be reallocated based on Space Management Committee principles and a final decision is expected by early February.


(f)�� Projected O&M Costs and proposed funding sources


O&M costs for Marsh Lab have always been a state-funded obligation and will continue to be so. The proposed renovations are not expected to increase existing O&M costs.