May 19-21, 2004

ITEM 123-105-R0504    Rural Physician Incentive Program; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education

THAT: Consistent with the provisions set forth in Board of Regents Policy 940.25, it is the recommendation of the Rural Physician Incentive Program Advisory Committee that the following applicants be approved for program participation:


Cara J. Harrop, M.D.

Practice Location - Polson, MT

Medical School: University of Kansas

Residency: Fort Collins Family Practice Residency - Fort Collins, CO


Craig J. Panos, M.D.

Practice Location Polson, MT

Medical School: UHS/Chicago Medical School

Residency: Southern Colorado Family Medicine Residency - Pueblo, CO


EXPLANATION: Board of Regents Policy 940.25 established on June 21, 1991 requires the board approval for all Rural Physician Incentive Program participants.