ITEM 124-101-R0904                  Approval of a Definition of a Quality Montana University System, and Measures That Will Monitor the System�s Success in Meeting Those Expectations.


THAT:                                      The Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education approves the following definition of a quality Montana University System, along with the benchmarks that will be used to monitor the System�s progress in meeting that definition:


�BECAUSE the Montana Board of Regents is charged, constitutionally, with the governance and control of the Montana University System; and


�BECAUSE the Board of Regents has identified the primary mission of the Montana University System is to serve students through the delivery of high quality programs and services; and


�BECAUSE the cornerstone of the Montana University System is the quality of its programs and services; and


�BECAUSE Montana students, parents, taxpayers, policymakers and partners are interested in the level of quality they can expect from the Montana University System; and


�BECAUSE the Board of Regents recognizes the close relationship between a well-educated citizenry and a high quality of life,


�The Montana Board of Regents adopts the following definition as a statement of quality for the Montana University System:


�A Quality Montana University System

�         prepares its students for successful lives as productive and engaged citizens;

�         values excellent teaching, innovative scholarship and high standards of academic achievement;

�         uses its fiscal resources in a responsible manner;

�         is accessible and affordable;

�         contributes to the diversity, economic development and unique lifestyle of Montana.

�The Montana University System will monitor its success in meeting these expectations by using the following measures:


1)      --number of graduates

--percentage of graduates employed or continuing their education

--employer satisfaction with graduates

--average GPA and ACT score of entering students


2)       --student scholarship, using numbers of students who participate in research and activities similar to the ones listed under faculty scholarship

 --faculty scholarship, using numbers of articles, books, creative endeavors, competitive research grants, presentations, etc.

 --student honors, including national awards, licensure pass rates, etc.


3)       --expenditures per FTE student

 --student/faculty ratio

 --number of courses and SCH per faculty member


4)      --tuition as� percentage of median family income

--percentage of students who receive financial aid/scholarships, and average amount

--partnerships and outreach (a narrative from each campus)

--number of students admitted, by residency and ethnicity

--number of patents and technology transfer agreements.�


EXPLANATION:�����������             The Montana Board of Regents approved an action item, at its September 2003 meeting, authorizing the creation of a committee to develop:

--a definition of a quality Montana University System; and

--measurable benchmarks that are valued by students and citizens.