ITEM 124-105-R0904


Summary of Tentative Agreement


International Union of Operating Engineers


Montana University System


Modify the 2001-2003 agreement for 2003-2005 as follows:


1.�������� PREAMBLE�����������������������������������������������������������������

����������� Delete the words �on the 1st day of July, 2001,� in the first sentence.


����������� ARTICLE 1

����������� Section A.� Contract Term� (page 1)

����������� Section B.� �Negotiations Schedule (page 1)

Change �2001� to �2003� and change �2003� to �2005� and change �March 30� to �March 31.�


2.�������� ARTICLE IX, Section B.� Prior to Change of Position (page 11)������

Delete the words �reclassified consistent with the procedures of the statewide classification system.�


3.�������� ARTICLE XI, Section B.2� Disability� (page 23)�����������������

Change the first sentence to read:� �In the event that an employee becomes incapable of performing the regular duties of the employee�s classification, and sick leave and annual leave have been exhausted without correction or removal of the disability, then an employee shall be granted up to a maximum of nine (9) months cumulativeleave without pay.� Upon request to the campus human resources office, the period of leave without pay may be extended up to three (3) additional months with accompanying medical documentation.�


4.�������� ARTICLE XI, Section B.5� Effect of Leave Without Pay �(page 24)�� ��

Change the last sentence to read:� �Seniority will cease to accrue during leaves without pay in excess of one (1) year except when the leave without pay is because the employee was called to active military duty.�


5.�������� ARTICLE XI, Section G.1� Group Insurance� (page 27)������������������

Change to read:� �The employer contribution to health insurance for eligible employees shall be $410.00 per month for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2004, and $460.00�per month for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2005.� All permanent half-time or more employees who regularly work more than six (6) months in any twelve (12) month period are eligible for coverage under the Montana University System Group Health Insurance Program.� The employer will continue to make group insurance contributions for up to four (4) months while an employee is on a workers� compensation leave of absence as a result of an injury sustained while employed at a unit of the university system.�


6.�������� Add the following Memorandum of Understanding� �����������������������


�A partial tuition waiver benefit for dependents will be piloted for bargaining unit employees during FY 2005.� Such benefit shall be administered in accordance with Regent policy.�


7.�������� Add the following Memorandum of Understanding�������������


�If any other craft bargaining unit of the Montana University System settles for an across-the-board wage increase during the 2004-05 biennium of greater than 25� per hour effective January 1, 2005 (unless such bargaining unit chooses to participate in MAP), the employer agrees to negotiate with the union over the implementation of a similar increase.�