ITEM 126-103-R0105�� The Transfer Audit


THAT:�������������������������������������� The Montana Board of Regents has concurred unanimously with the recommendations of the Legislative Audit Division concerning the performance audit on transfer practices in the Montana University System, and as a consequence:

�         the Board views the policies and practices that affect transfer students as one of the important measures of its effectiveness as a System;

�         the Board agrees with the audit conclusion that states: �(t)he transfer of credit process is adversely affected by a de-centralized management approach.� Current processes and procedures do not reflect the re-organizational structure of the MUS.� This has resulted in unpredictability for students.�

�         the Board considers the System response to this performance audit as one of the most important, if not the most important, projects it has currently authorized;

�         the Board expects the full and collaborative participation of all members of the Montana University System community as it develops solutions to these recommendations;

�         the Board views this initial effort at developing system-wide transfer policies as a test of the kind of System we are willing to become; it also expects this initial effort to generate additional practices that move us to a more unified Montana University System;

�         the Board views effective and efficient transferability as a key component of a statewide P-20 system.� The Montana University System must be efficient both laterally and vertically, as it creates policies and practices for the campuses and partnerships with the K-12 community.� One important goal of the P-20 effort in Montana is to help counselors and students as they work together to establish appropriate pathways to post-secondary education.

�         the Board expects to complete this work on an accelerated timeframe, with the approval of some policies at the March 2005 meeting, and final approval of all policies at the May 2005 meeting.