January 20-21, 2005


ITEM 126-2001-R0105��������������� Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Anatomy upon William J. Dorgan; Montana State UniversityBBozeman


THAT:�������������������������������������� Upon the occasion of the retirement of William J. Dorgan from the faculty of Montana State University, the Board of Regents wishes to express its appreciation for his service to the University, to the Montana University System, and to the people of the State of Montana.


EXPLANATION:����������������������� Dr. Dorgan, an Iowa native and a graduate of Saint Ambrose College in Iowa, earned his Ph.D. in Anatomy at the University of Colorado Medical Center in 1968.� He joined the faculty of Montana State University in September, 1968 as Assistant Professor of Zoology in the Department of Biology.� In 1973 his appointment was changed to include a joint appointment in the then new WWAMI Medical Education Program.� He was promoted to Associate Professor of Anatomy in 1973 and to Full Professor in 1982.� Dr. Dorgan left Montana State University after 20 years to work as Assistant Dean for Pre-Health Professions at Auburn University then returned again to Montana State University in1999 to serve another five years as Professor of Anatomy in the WWAMI Medical Education Program.� As part of his role in the WWAMI Program, Dr. Dorgan also has had an appointment as Affiliate Professor of Biological Structure at the University of Washington School of Medicine. During his tenure at Montana State University Dr. Dorgan served as Chief Pre- Health Professions Advisor from 1980-1988 and from 1999 -2004.� He also served as Interim Assistant Dean for the College of Letters and Science from 1983-1985.


Dr. Dorgan was one of a key group of faculty at Montana State University who worked to establish the Montana WWAMI Medical Education Program and to develop its first curriculum. He was one of the first faculty to teach in the Program when it started in 1973 and as such, he was instrumental in developing a teaching program in the basic anatomical sciences, particularly in microscopic anatomy and embryology.


Dr. Dorgan will be remembered by 25 years of first year WWAMI medical students for his committed teaching of microscopic anatomy and particularly embryology.� In addition to medical courses, Dr. Dorgan contributed many years to the teaching of other anatomical disciplines at both the graduate and undergraduate level as well as courses designed to stimulate interest in the health professions. He has been recognized on numerous occasions at MSU for his teaching excellence; including numerous Alumni Association Awards for Excellence and Professor of the Month awards.