ITEM 127-105-R0505����������������� Guidelines for Licensed Practical Nursing Programs


ASSESSMENT:������������������������ Technical compliance with this policy requires all LPN programs to conform to the program model described in the policy.� A program in compliance should be able to answer �yes� to the following four questions:


1.             Is an LPN Certificate awarded upon completion?

2.             Is the LPN program 50 credits?

3.             Does the LPN program include the common set of pre-nursing courses (24 credits)?

4.             Does the LPN program include the common set of nursing courses plus a 2 credit scope of practice course (26 credits total)?


This policy goes on to say that �Transfer between LPN programs, and between LPN and RN programs, should be significantly enhanced under this proposal ��.


To ensure that is actually happening, each Nursing program should produce an annual report to the Board of Regents that includes the following statistics:


�               Three, four, and five year Completion Rates

�               Retention Rates for students admitted to an LPN or RN program

�               Student Count from LPN �stop out point� � the number of students who complete the LPN and do not continue into the RN program

�               Student Count continuing to RN programs

�               Pass Rates on licensure exams

�               Numbers of students transferring within and between Montana University System programs