Policy 301.5.3  Minimum Grades


ASSESSMENT: In section 1 of this policy, minimum grades are established for general education requirements (part b), prerequisites/courses in the major (part c), and for "free electives" (part a). Individual programs may set higher minima than these (section 2 of the policy), but must notify OCHE of their requirements, and OCHE will then make this information available to students and to the other units.

Assessment from an overall perspective can be limited to ensuring that each campus has the graduation requirements in place. At the detail level, periodic audits of graduating student transcripts could be performed. These are often performed for accreditation purposes, so audits for compliance with this policy could be coupled to accreditation reviews. OCHE could request that additional audits be conducted by campus Registrars on an as needed basis.

Individual programs with higher minima that file detailed descriptions of these higher requirements will be deemed to have met this requirement. A periodic review of appeals of transfer reviews and graduation petitions will be required to detect situations where higher standards are being applied without prior notification of OCHE. Campus Registrars will maintain records of these appeals that will be provided to OCHE upon request.

Section 3 of this policy mandates the adoption of a plus and minus grading system for all units within the MUS, and with equal point values (for GPA computation) given on all campuses. Compliance with this policy will be assessed by simply ensuring that published materials include this policy and that Banner has been appropriately programmed on all campuses to assign the appropriate values.

Section 4 requires that no student graduate with less than a cumulative GPA of 2.00., which is current Regents' Policy as it stands, so no further assessment beyond what is currently practiced should be required.