Policy 301.5.2�������������� Outdated Coursework


ASSESSMENT:������������������������ This policy assures that appropriate credit will be given to postsecondary coursework from accredited institutions being transferred to MUS campuses.� Specifically, the policy guarantees that courses will not be removed from consideration solely on the basis of the time in which they were taken


To assure that course credit will be given in a consistent and timely manner, full implementation of the Transfer Articulation Module of Banner must be in place.� Objective evaluation of transfer credits will occur in a central office (registrar or admissions).� This office will be the central mechanism through which all responses from students and academic departments will flow and will have a published policy as well as procedures manual indicating the procedural and time guidelines by which all coursework is evaluated.


At the detail level, periodic, random audits of transfer student transcripts will be performed to assure policy compliance.


A periodic review of appeals of transfer reviews petitions will be required to detect situations where credits have not been appropriately assigned.