Policy 301.5.1�������������� System of Controls


ASSESSMENT:������������������������ This policy assures fair and equitable evaluation of transfer credits for students.� Appropriate credit will be given to postsecondary coursework from accredited institutions being transferred to MUS campuses in a timely and consistent manner.


Full implementation, utilization and regular updating of the Transfer Articulation Module of Banner must be in place in every campus. It should be noted that Banner provides the basis for consistent organization and mapping of coursework, as well as an objective framework accessible throughout the MUS system.


Objective evaluation of transfer credits will occur in a central office (registrar or admissions).� This office will be the central mechanism through which all responses to and from students and academic departments will flow.� In addition, a complete policy statement describing the evaluation of transfer credits as well as a procedure manual delineating the complete procedure by which transcripts are evaluated will be published.


At the detail level, periodic, random audits of transfer student transcripts will be performed to monitor compliance to the policy.

A periodic review of appeals of transfer reviews petitions will be required to detect situations where credits have not been appropriately assigned.


Campuses will report annually to OCHE the following figures:


1.             Number of MUS transfer applications received before the priority deadline.

2.             Number of MUS transfer applications received after the priority deadline.

3.             Number and percent of (1) that are notified of receipt of application within 5 days.

4.             Number and percent of (1) that are notified of admission decision, total credits transferred, and the transferability of the student�s general education credits within 10 days of the receipt of the completed application and required documents.

5.             For those students who have identified a major, minor, option and/or certificate, the number and percent of (1) that are notified of the final credit decision for purposes of his/her major, minor, option and/or certificate before the last day on which it is possible to add classes.

6.             Number and percent of (2) that receive a complete transfer evaluation prior to the first day of pre-registration for the following semester.