ITEM 128-102-R0905����������������� Community College Districts; Organization; Revisions


THAT:�������������������������������������� The Board of Regents of Higher Education approves the following change to Policy 209.2:


(a)           designates the Director of Workforce Development and Two-Year Education, in the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, as the coordinator of community colleges in the State of Montana.


EXPLANATION:������������������������ Policy 209.2 currently designates the Deputy Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs as the coordinator of community� colleges in Montana.� Because of staff changes in the� Commissioner�s office, and the reassignment of responsibilities that accompanied those staff changes, the Director of Workforce� Development and Two-Year Education is the position that works most closely with community colleges in the State.� Therefore, that� position should also serve as the coordinator and liaison between the Montana Board of Regents, the Office of the Commissioner of Higher� Education and the three community colleges in Montana. The revised policy accompanies this Item and explanation.