Summary of Tentative Agreement


The Montana State University-Billings Faculty Association


Montana University System

August 2005


7.000 Appointments

�Added 7.190 Fixed Term�description of purpose.

�Drafted as a Memorandum of Agreement 7.300 Adjunct�this drafted position is described in Appendix B and has a sunset of June 30th 07 when this contract will have to be renewed.

�An Adjunct position will have flexible responsibilities, hold rank, not be eligible for rank advancement or tenure.

�If an Adjunct secures a tenure track position, years as Adjunct may count


9.000 Professional Evaluation of Faculty

�Significant work on 9.600 Evaluation Procedures for PDs.

�Changed different versions of the PD to sequential drafts�Draft 1 with the Position Announcement, Draft 2 with the Letter of Offer, First Year Final Draft within two weeks of arrival on campus for employment.

�Developed new templates for different positions with matrices for required/not required components.

�Added 9.632 Evaluation of Fixed Term.

�Revised 9.633 Evaluation of Lecturers.

�Revised 9.634 Probationary T-T faculty.

�In all revised sections indicated general and specific criteria with guidance for content and format of review materials.

�Expanded explanation of abbreviated and extended reviews.


11.000 Sabbaticals and Professional Leave

�Changed 11.120 Limitations and Conditions to allow for equitable faculty compensation while on sabbatical.


14.000 Compensation

�3� % base building salary increase 05-06.

�4% base building salary increase 06-07.

�Increases will be for all faculty and will take effect October of each year.

�Maintained separation of merit from the salary pool (at least for this CBA)


17.000 Negotiations

Reaffirmed MSU-Billings Administration and Association commitment to the Collaborative Negotiations process