Montana University System New Academic Program Proposal Summary

Campus: Montana Tech of the University of Montana

Program Title: Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies


1. How does this program advance the campus' academic mission and fit priorities?

Montana Tech of The University of Montana is a specialty institution emphasizing science and engineering, with occupational programs through graduate work. MT Tech strives to assist every student attain success in their academic, professional, and individual goals. MT Tech strives to meet the changing needs of society by supplying knowledge and education through a strong undergraduate curriculum augmented by research, graduate education and service.


2. How does this program fit the Board of Regents goals and objectives?

Goal A of Board of Regents goals and objectives is to provide a stimulating, responsive, and effective environment for student learning, student living, and academic achievement. This degree alternative is responsive to the needs of the students and industry to meld their academic goals in response to demands of society in the research area.


3. How does this program support or advance Montanas needs and interests?

Montana is advancing in the area of growth in the industries supported by the research infrastructure on the campuses. This program will fill a unique need in that the students are flexible in their choices for education and can tailor a program to fit their interests and the interests of the industry providing the research need.


4. How will this program contribute to economic development in Montana? (Note projected annual economic impact both regionally and statewide.)

While there are not clear examples of how this program will contribute to the economic development of Montana, the students will be clearly equipped to work in a variety of areas such as the Missoula Heart Institute.


5. What is the program's planned capacity? 4

Break-even point?_______________FTE students

Enrollments/year? 3 to 4

Graduates/year? 3 to 4

MT jobs/year? 2


6. Resource Allocation

Total program budget? $ Faculty FTE? 0 Staff FTE? 0


Does this program require new resources?

No new resources Amount?


How will the campus fund the program?

The students will coordinate their program between existing faculty and programs. The student stipends and fee waivers will be from grant sources as in the current practice.


If internal reallocation is necessary, name the sources?

None required