Flathead Valley Community College (FVCC) Practical Nursing Program
Advisory Board Meeting

November 11, 2004

Present: Jacque Dolberry, Maura Fields, Linda Hunt, Fran Laukaitis, Patti Shea, Jean Shreffler-Grant & Marlene Stoltz

The meeting began at 1:30 pm.


Budget for the Program 

Director's Salary

There was a general discussion of the budget. It was advised that a Program Director with no experience would start at approximately $40,000 for a 10 month contract. Therefore, the budget showing top salary of $45,760 would be most accurate as the board stated that FVCC would want to hire someone with experience working in a higher education program. Board members believed that more than 10 students could be admitted due to attrition.


Space& Equipment

Fran Laukaitis, CNO of Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC), offered space for two hospital rooms that could be utilized for lab space. Maura Fields director of nursing at North Valley Hospital (NVH) offered hospital beds and other equipment for the labs.


Other Budgetary Items

It was advised that the budget needs to include attending an accreditation workshop. Jacque Dolberry, director of the Salish Kootenai Nursing program, advised that if the director had to teach 50% of time and effort, than someone else should be responsible for writing the self-study and accreditation issues in subsequent years. It was also advised that the first two years of the program would require more than $2,000 in travel expenses.


Timeline for Program

Timeline was reviewed with no added comments.


Certificate Program

All members believed the two track model was the best. It allows those who want to continue their professional credentials to do so without repeating coursework. Everyone agreed FVCC needs to offer a 200 level semester course in human anatomy and physiology covering knowledge specific to the allied health professions. Admitting CNAs was viewed favorably, since they already are familiar with the nursing profession and healthcare environments. Fran Laukaitis stated that several CNAs at KRMC have voiced interest in this proposed PN program.

Fran Laukaitis voiced support for an evening program. This would serve CNAs who are currently working and need to continue working while in the program. Evening shifts at KRMC would provide appropriate learning experiences. Others stated that evening classes may provide availability of adjunct faculty. Some clinicals would have to be during the day and possibly weekends to capture all necessary populations and skill development.



There was a lengthy discussion on availability of student clinical opportunities. Maura Fields stated that NVH could be a clinical site if a FVCC faculty member provided onsite supervision and professional socialization between the RN and the PN student. NVH does not hire LPNs. Therefore, the role delineation of LPN to RN would not be available unless FVCC provided this mentoring onsite. Numerous clinical sites were brought forth. Patti Shea, an LPN from Brendan House, suggested home health and hospice care. Linda Hunt, Director of Project THEO, recorded the list of suggested sites.


Board Members

Linda Hunt asked if the board needed a physician as a member. Fran Laukaitis suggested that a physician from the KRMC hospital list would be an advocate for students. She pointed out that Dr. Dykstra, who serves on the Surgical Technology program advisory board, has successfully advocated to fellow surgeons that students be allowed to observe and scrub in for surgeries. It was agreed that once the program is approved and students are admitted that a physician would serve on the board.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.


Advisory Board Members

Jacque Dolberry, RN, MS, Director of Nursing Program Salish Kootenai College

Maura Fields, RN, Director of Nursing North Valley Hospital

Fran Laukaitis, RN, Chief Nursing Officer Kalispell Regional Medical Center

Shelley Shea, LPN

Jean Shreffler-Grant, PhD, RN, Associate Professor & Campus Director Montana State University

Marlene Stoltz, Director of Admissions, Flathead Valley Community College