TO: Montana Board of Regents

FROM: Kevin McRae, Director, Labor Relations and Human Resources

RE: Approval of Tentative Agreement with International Union of Operating Engineers

DATE: November 16-18, 2005

Attached is a summary of the tentative agreement reached with the International Union of Operating Engineers. This bargaining unit consists of two dispatchers and one mechanic in the motor pool at Montana State University in Bozeman. The union-ratified tentative agreement is a first contract covering a new bargaining unit.

The agreement includes:

  • Wage increases of 3.5 percent and 4.0 percent effective October 1, 2005, and October 1, 2006, respectively.
  • Final and binding arbitration of grievances by a neutral party.
  • Mandatory dues or representation fees deducted from employee pay and submitted to the union.
  • No strike / no lockout during the term of the agreement.
  • Term of the agreement expires June 30, 2007.

I recommend approval of the tentative agreement with the Operating Engineers.